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Thought you would like to check out a great web site I found. http://www.cup-o-tea.com/

-- Matt Cyr (matt_cyr@amsec.com), December 04, 2003


There is a Tea online website:


-- Annie Hui (iloveringolam@yahoo.com), March 22, 2004.

Bulk sales of premium quality teas from 1 kilogram (2.2 lb) to an FCL, from any tea producing country (though Kenya orthodox and Georgian hand made tea is a specialty of ours). We send anyywhere in the world. Deal with experts are not too busy to listen to your tea requirements.

-- Nigel Melican (sales@teacraft.com), April 09, 2004.

Dear Friends, If you are tired of looking for Pure and authentic Darjeeling Tea, I would like to help. There is no point looking any further, because www.darjeelingnews.net sells tea not from anywhere in the world, but Darjeeling - where the tea really grows. www.darjeelingnews.net is the only site of darjeeling which sells pure and authentic Darjeeling Tea directly from the gardens. Since we are based in Darjeeling, tea is in our bones. Please log in to our site and enter the shopping area. You will find plenty of variety from different gardens and the best of it is the price we offer. No, merchant in the world can compete with our affordable price, but without compromising quality. It is cheaper because it is directly from Darjeeling and doesn't have to route through the number of tea vendors which is normally the case.

If there is anything, you can always write at: sales@darjeelingnews.net

Regards, CEO, Darjeelingnews.net http://www.darjeelingnews.net

-- Benoy Thapa (sales@darjeelingnews.net), May 25, 2004.

I just came across a website that carries really nice loose teas.


Although I didn't see any bulk teas on their website, it might be worth asking them if they carry any bulk teas. But their teas are very good - some of the freshest I have had from a vendor. Best way to find out is to ask them to send you some samples, which they seem to oblige willingly.

-- tom gardner (tom2545@excite.com), October 19, 2004.

I usually buy my tea from Paper Street Teas. Their website is www.psteas.com and they have a ton of great teas.

They also do bulk sales, but I haven't really done it. They also sponsor a great tea forum at www.teavilla.com.


-- mike thadman (mike@dailyclerks.com), October 23, 2004.

Add:Xiamen Yunxiang Enterprises Co.,Ltd., No.24,South Dongpu Two Road, Xiamen, China The Organic Oolong Tea Base: Mount, Ziyun, Anxi, Fujian, China Tel: 0086-0592-8265626 8267726 Fax: 0086-0592-8265627 Contact man:Mr.Wang/LANTER E-MAILú║ yxtea@hotmail.com Please visit our website http://www.teakingdom.com.cn or www.yunxiangtea.com

Xiamen Yunxiang Enterprises Co.,Ltd. incorporated in 1988, is a private enterprise specializing in tea and related products. It has under it an organic Oolong tea production base, tea plantations on high mountains, tea factories, tea stores, and tea houses. It has over one hundred chained stores or counter in different parts of the country.

The company is growing along the path of specialization in tea plantation, production and marketing through recruitment of talents, improvement of production techniques, development and innovation, and overall implementation of quality control and "brand" strategy. It has elementarily developed into a group enterprise with intensified operation.

Yunxiang tea series are always made with natural and pure quality Oolong tea from mountains in Anxi. Due to the delicate processes, Yunxiang Oolong tea has developed into its unique kind in the kingdom of Oolong tea. In 1996, the company built a mountain highway up to the altitude of over 1300 meters above the sea level and developed an organic tea farm there. In 1999 organic food experts from ECOCERT came to inspect, examine and certify this organic Oolong tea production base and the company became the first enterprise in China to export organic Oolong tea.

The company has always stuck to the operation tenet of "quality first, consumers first and reputation first", upheld the entrepreneurship of "uniting, challenging, being practical, innovating and striving for the best", and try to develop into an excellent example in Chinese tea industry. Web Site :www.teakingdom.com.cn

-- Mr.Wang (yxtea@hotmail.com), December 14, 2004.

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