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I recently bought some street lights to add to my layout, and I am not sure how to string the lights around the layout, in a countinuous line from my transformer.

Thank you. Scott

-- Scott Eisenbise (, December 04, 2003



Get a transformer providing 12V to 14 Volt (Radio Shack has a unit that provides 12.6V. While the lights are rated at 14V, running them at 12.6 makes them less bright and extends their life time). Run a power bus under your layout (one wire from each of the low voltage terminals of the transformer, and connect one lead of the street light to one wire of the bus, the other to the other. Calculate the necessary power by taking .05A per bulb. The RS unit I mentioned comes in a 1.2A and a 3.0A version, i.e. its good for either 20 or 50 bulbs. (Number rounded down to have some margin) Do not forget to protect this power bus by a fuse of appropriate size.

Make sure though that the high voltage side is hooked up correctly. If you worry about this, go to your local home decorating store (e.g. Lowe's) and get a 44 Watt power supply for outside lighting systems. It provides about 3.5A at 12V.


-- Ulrich Albrecht (, December 10, 2003.

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