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This question may already have been asked and I apologise if it has, Do you need a seperate throttle for each train you are running at the same time? I am just getting into model railroading and am I correct in thinking that DCC is the way to go ? Thank you

-- Alex. Hart (, December 04, 2003


Part of the beauty of DCC is that you can operate more than one train on the same track at the same time.

An additional feature of many (but not all brands) DCC systems is that you can use one hand-held cab or 'throttle' to control more than one train. Once you send a commanded speed to one loco, it will continue to run. You can then select a different loco and run that one also from the same hand-held cab.

With NCE PowerHouse system for example there is a one button 'recall' list of previously used loco addresses. It is easy for an operator to recall one of the other loco numbers and multiplex engineer actions between two or more trains. Avoiding collisions is your problem. Make sure you understand the simplifications of combining several locos in a consist Vs running separate trains.

What you WILL need is a cab control for each operator.


-- Don Vollrath (, December 05, 2003.

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