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From: Marc S Hyman

I have a Mac G4 with Quicktime 6.4 .

I received a VCD with a .mov file on it.

When I double click the .mov file, Quicktime starts up but no picture or sound appears. The moving arrow indicates that something is playing but I can't see it.

The properties of the file say " MPEG1 muxed"

What must I do to see this movie on my mac ?

-- Marc S Hyman (, December 02, 2003


It Seems the VCD is a copy, quicktime uses this mpeg encoder. may i suggest to use "Main Concept Video Encoder" this will automatically convert any audio visual file to whatever you specify. Eg: when using "Main Concept Video Encoder" (i find it the best one to date) you can open a file mpeg,dvd,avi,quicktime,wmv,direct show,realmovie......and save it as anything.....vcd,dvd,mpeg,wmv, etc then save the conversion as vcd using nero burn software and will play in any dvd player or pc. or Playstation 2

"Main concept video encoder" will run on mac pc.s

-- Simiana Digital Media (, March 09, 2004.

Go to the site above and download the free software to play all vcd movies. If you have mac os 9 on your computer this free player will not work. But if you are using mac os 9 you'll have to drag and drop the icon label AVSEQ01.DAT located in the MPEGAV folder from your vcd disc onto your quicktime icon located somewhere in your application folder. This will open up and in the menu choose quicktime with compression. This will take a while to open up into a quicktime movie. And if you like to keep the movie on your hardrive go to file/ save as and choose the location to save your movie.

Good Luck.

-- Marten @ BFDG (, March 12, 2004.

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