i need a avi to mpeg converter

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i need a avi to mpeg converter

-- asdf (offspring7890@yahoo.com), December 02, 2003


Try download TMPGEnc 2.521.58.169 (Tsunami Mpeg) from http://home.hccnet.nl/h.edskes/mirror.htm

The process is slow but ok...

-- Killua (Killua_Zoldick02@Yahoo.com), December 02, 2003.

ok i tried that but when i finished the convertion the size is about 1 gig and the movie is only 45 minutes. can you help me? how to shrink or am i doing something wrong

-- asdf (offspring7890@yahoo.com), December 03, 2003.

try using mainconcept mpeg encoder its much quicker then tmpgenc and eaiser to use www.mainconcept.com

-- lk (lesley.kamara@ntlworld.com), January 02, 2004.

Use best fucking tmpgenc

-- Killllllllllller (fuckoff@email.com), June 01, 2004.

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