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I have saved some camcorder video on my computer using windows moviemaker, captured in avi format. I can view it with media player and edit it with moviemaker. But it crashes when I try to render. So I bought Pinnacle Studio 8. However, Studio 8 Gives an error message every time I try to open the saved avi files. Do I need some codecs to do this? Shouldn't the codecs already be on my computer since I can view the files with other programs? I'd hate to have to recapture the video using Studio 8.

Thanks, Sayd

-- Sayd (, November 30, 2003


I have the exact same problem... I captured about 10 videos in W. Movie maker and now I can not burn them to DVD with pinnacle. No pinnacle application will open them, says invalid file format.

-- None (, February 15, 2004.

If you export a file from adobe prmiere to windows dv avi it is possible to open the file in pinacle 8. The film does not get split into fragments. It is shown as one frame. With windows MM 2 it is not possible to save it as Windows DV AVI ?? i think. I can't find it. Who has the ultimate solution.

-- Rob (, February 25, 2004.

D'load TMPGEnc and feed the AVI to it. Don't change anything just next,etc at the prompts and save the result to a new folder when it asks for a destination. You end up with an Mpeg file that Studio will accept.

-- Rockie (, February 20, 2005.

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