Michael is Pure and Innocent. From No1 Aussie Fan

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Michael jackon is innocent of all crimes he is portrayed by the media to do. I respect Michaels work and feel he is a beautiful person. People should not generate hate and dweel in this sorrow. Listen to his music and learn to love all things small and big. Michaels music is a gift. He is extremely talented and deserves respect. I would give Michael a child. Thats how strongly i feel he is innocent. People need to look at the real picture with their own eyes and not what the media portrays.

Goodluck Michael.

-- Anonymous, November 28, 2003


I agree with you completely. I believe he is innocent, too.

-- Anonymous, November 29, 2003

he is the best...i so agree with you! if he says he is innocent, then i believe him!

-- Anonymous, November 29, 2003

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