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I had the Idea of using a skateboard or other type of vehicle and putting treads on the back, and wheels in the front for steering, so that I could manuver in the sand. I was wondering how a chainsaw engine would do, because the chainsaw engine is already made to turn the chain or blade of the chain saw, so wouldn't treads work kinda the same way. Also I was wondering about stopping and slowing the board down.

If any one can offer some helpful tips of things to be weary of let me know, thx.

-- Benjamin Felts (, November 28, 2003


you should look at "dirt boards" try at

-- Phast Phil (I smell fish @ the docks .com), November 29, 2003.

i want to do this too and i have a mountain board and a chainsaw engine but the hubs on the wheels are plastic? i want to put a gear on the wheel but how do i do this and where should i put the engine?

-- mike (, November 30, 2004.

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