Tillig and Roco compatability?

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Tillig Elite and the Roco Digital system? What wires where???

As a raw beginner I have started with a basic Roco HO Digital Starter Set for DCC. I understand the concept of turnout/point wiring that Roco promote but would really like to use the Tillig Elite code 83 track system. My trouble is that I can come to grips with the 3 coloured wiring set up (red black and green) that Roco produce for their wiring system along with the Locomouse 2 and the Route Controller, but what on earth do I do with all those rainbow coloured wires that come with the Tillig undertable motor and which ones should I look at to wire into the Roco system. I guess only three of the wires (red, blue, grey, pink, yellow, green, brown, white) would contribute to the actual switching mechanism so what do all the rest do to justify their existence?

Any help would be very much appreciated Cheers Les Hiddins Australia

-- Les Hiddins (Fieldguide@onaustralia.com.au), November 28, 2003

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