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I have a restaurant china plate circa 1880-1890's.Top logoed with "Kisich's Saddle Rock".Made by Maddocks china England,and distributed by Nathan Dohrmann Co San Fransisco.Wondering if this was SF restaurant of that time period 1880's-1890's.Thank you

-- Kathleen Lathom (, November 27, 2003


Don't know if there was ever a restaurant by the name of Kisich's Saddle Rock but I do know a little bit about Nathan Dohrmann Co and that is because I had at one time some close business associations with people at Macy's and they specifically mentioned that Nathan Dohrman occupied the space at Union Square where Macy's is today. Nathan Dohrman was a very big company with chains throughout the state of California. And Nathan Dohrman is not one person but two the real names of which are Frederick William Dohrmann and Bernard Nathan. They were both German immigrants to San Francisco in the early 1860s and Dohrmann's father was a well known doctor in Hamburg who had quite an interesting life himself. Don't remember much about Nathan though.

Tonight during Thanksgiving someone told me something about some SF history and I told him he was dead wrong and he said I was dead wrong and we got in a big argument. I had to excuse myself and go through stacks of old newspapers of the 1920s to find the information I was looking for to prove I was right. I won't argue anything unless I know I am 100 percent right and I can usually sense if someone is wrong though I may not remember the precise answer myself. But there are those people who are so incredibly arrogant that they feel they can never be wrong about anything. I hope this country never gets leaders like that. They are really miserable and dangerous people. And that's the way I'm starting to feel about Gavin Newsome and the same old politics, promises to Angela Aliota for her support and who knows what deals that Willie Brown cajoled him into. I can't stand it.

-- Harry Murphy (harrymurphy*, November 28, 2003.

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