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Hi, I've got this movie of 760 mb (mpeg), and burned this yesterday with nero as a videoCD. Nero automaticly sized this down to somewhere below 700 mb... does anyone know why and does this make it loose quality? Because im new at the VCD burning, I tried out if could put it on a 800 mb cd as a normal data file. I think this should work... but nero keeps telling me the medium isnt large enough (im using nero, even when I changed the expert setting to enable it to overburn to 90 mins and 30 secs. According to Root this should do the trick, so is my nero version to old? or do I have one of those cd-recorders that doesnt write the 800 mb cds.

-- willem de pous (, November 27, 2003


Are you telling Nero to ignore the warning and to the overburn anyway or not? You will ALWAYS get a warning with 800 MB discs, even if you overburn. Nero may not be resizing your video, per se if it truly is in MPEG format. One of the problems is that 1000 bytes is NOT the same as a megabyte, which is 1024 bytes. Some programs use 1024 byte units and others use 1000 byte units and this can cause the kind of size discrepancy you reported.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), December 01, 2003.

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