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I have bilateral degenerative joint disease. I had a total hip replacement on one side about 10 years ago; non-cemented. Had complications -- not a nice experience. I now need to get my other hip done since I walk with a limp. Someone told me that a new, less invasive procedure has been developed. That's all I was told -- no other details. Is there any truth to this?? If yes, who could I contact?

-- m alexander stiffman (stiffman-rosenthal@starpower.net), November 26, 2003


I was diagnosed with hip dysplasia (from birth) when I was 25 years old. I am now 30 and have had both my hips replaced. I had a THR on the right two years ago and am doing very well with that hip. I had the THR on the left about a month ago. The first surgery that I had was the traditional, 12-inch incision. I dislocated the hip two days after getting out of the hospital. That surgery took a good four months to completely heal to where I could walk without assistance of a cane. This second surgery, I had the new MIS 2-incision hip replacement and it has been wonderful. They do this procedure through 2 two-inch incisions (one near the groin and one on the side) and there is no cutting of muscles, tendons, or ligaments. They are able to access the joint by separating the muscles. There has been less pain and a quicker recovery of this recent surgery. There are also less precautions and less chance of dislocation. I was off narcotics and out of bed the day of the surgery! Being a month out from surgery, I can walk on my own around the house and for short distances. I still need the cane for long walks, but I should be off that in a week or so. I would highly recommend researching this procedure for anyone that needs a THR. It has been wonderful. The website to research this or to find a doctor in your area is www.pacewithlife.com.

Good luck!

-- Sonya Luther (sonyal123@hotmail.com), April 13, 2004.

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