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hey I don't really understand all this comp lingo so please try and dumb it down for me.... ok I have mpeg files that are about 450mb and I wanna burn them as data - 2 files per cd (my DVD has no problem playing mpeg...) but the only way I could resize them was by making them into SVCD's (I'm using TMPGenc)and those only burn as vids and Nero still measures them by length not size.... is there anyway to make them smaller as mpeg's? btw my cdr's are 700mb/80min (couldn't find bigger ones where I live...) please help! I'm going crazy with these vids...

-- angel shelly (, November 24, 2003


Yes, you can make them smaller, but you will have to re-encode them using something like TMPGenc and you will have to drop the bit rate to make them smaller. This will cause your quality to suffer. Do a web search for a bit rate calculator or go to and look in the Downloads section. A bit rate calculator should be able to help you figure out the bit rate you need. I don't know if they still sell them, but in the past, sold 800MB/90 minute CD-Rs. You have to set Nero to overburn to 90 minutes and 30 seconds to use them, but most CD-R writers will burn 90 minute CD-Rs. All will not and these discs do violate CD-R standards, so use them at your own risk. Few CD-R writers will write to the 99 minute CD-Rs, in my experience. My personal advice would be to just burn one file per CD-R and keep the quality, but if you must archive 2 per CD-R, re-encoding at a lower bit rate is the only way to go. Generally speaking, if your video bit rate is lower than 2000 Kbps, it's better to use MPEG-1 video. MPEG-2 video is usually worse than MPEG-1 at bit rates below 2000 Kbps.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), November 25, 2003.

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