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I was having a discussion with some doulas last night about the reluctance of hospitals to implement doula programs because it takes away the money they get from epidurals. I remember hearing a few years ago about a pilot doula program through Kaiser insurance, and I was wondering if anyone had experience working with insurance companies. My feeling is that insurance companies might have the financial incentive to support doula care that hospitals would not. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

-- Emily Casselbury (, November 24, 2003


Yes I believe San Francisco Kaiser did a study on this to see if it was cost beneficial. Not really sure what the income was with that study but will search to find out. Locally the Birthing Center is doing a study to see if Doulas can help reduce the infant death rate amoung african american babies. This is a fabulous program and clients are usually high risk. The outcome has been astounding.

-- sara Duggan (, February 28, 2004.

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