R/C buggy with chainsaw engine

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i had the idea of making a remote control buggy with a chain saw engine using the clutch off the chain saw and a bike chain. I would use a servo for the throttle. How would i do the steering. Would a servo off a normal rc car be powerfull enough and would i need some weight on the front to keep it down? If you have any ideas please help Thank you

-- Tom Hill (a_life_behind_bars2@hotmail.com), November 24, 2003


OK>on the weigh down the front thing, as long as you have 50/50 weight distribution, youll be fine, as for the front servo thing, sorry, dunno about the strength on servo's. I just do mechanics and other automotive, small engine and some other things. BUT, on turns, if the engine is too tall, it will flip your car, so you might have to widen your wheelbase. enjoy

-- Aaron Samuelson (aaron_samuelson@hotmail.com), November 27, 2003.

You will need a way to gear down the saw. Try using a large front sprket to a little one, or your drive system will ware on your engine.

-- Phast Phil (KickinUpDirt@TheSandPit.com), November 27, 2003.

You would need to locate the engine in the middle of the chassis and all a servo is..is an electric motor so u can use a standard rc car elec motor for the steering servo that motor would need an electronic speed control with reverse the best one is called a super rooster and ude need a high turn low speed elec motor e.i. 20 turn triple high torque low top end just visit you local hobby shop and they will probably hook ya up oh and i have a chainsaw rc hydroplane and a chainsaw motor power wheel quad for my son that i made rc cuz he was crashin alot its fast so now i can control it lmao he has no idea he thinks hes the shit

-- Steve Moudy (badassbikez@yahoo.com), January 22, 2004.

im thinking of doing the same thing but you should make sure the bike chain you use is the right kind and size for the sprocket but if it looks like it fits it should work for the servos it always depends on the application and you didnt realy specify so i cant help you to much on that but test it and learn for the weight try putting the engine pretty far forward but also test it and learn but if you floor the throtle the torq could be so strong and the revs so sudden it could still whellie or even flip so you might want to put in a wheelie bar if thats a problem but to avoid fliping when turning just keep the center of gravity low and since its a buggy its probly for off road so get pretty big wheels and tires. the throtle servo will work well if done right. when your done i'd like some pics of what you did if you can.

-- dash (dashvortex@yahoo.com), March 19, 2004.

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