What gives ceylon tea it's distinct flavor?

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I've been drinking tea for a long time. Mostly Green tea or Oolong. I don't recall ever trying Chinese black tea, does it taste like Ceylon tea? I know what Balck tea is. It's fully fermented Green Tea. Here's why I'm asking. I've found that the Twinings brand are making some pretty good teas... but I'm not sure if I was mislead. I bought the box of "Prince of Wales Tea", which is supposed to be a blend of "Chinese Black Teas". However, it tastes like the popular Ceylon tea to me. I usually stray away from supermarket teas because of their misleading nature and their low quality but, the twinings stuff, up until now (I think) has been pretty distinct. But this is not what I would expect Black tea to taste like. Again it tastes like the standard English type, Ceylon tea.

Tazo however markets some great teas. The "China Green Tips" is an excellent green tea... although, despite it's name, has more of the characteristics of a Japanese green tea.

-- Pmone (loc@sysx.net), November 24, 2003


dear .

u r almost right:) i was wondering what is the benifit of drinking tea,or which tea is good for us?balck or green

-- maryam (maryampopal@hotmail.com), July 13, 2004.

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