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Hi i was wondering is any one knows how much i can mill off of my 5hp bs head? thanks

-- Joe (, November 24, 2003


Depends on if its a Over Head Valve, or L-Head design. Second, if you switch valve springs, camshaft from plastic to metal, a non- restricted header, bored over head, and stroker crank you can get around 13 HP, IF you know what your doing. Write bk for details. I am only 16, but I have built one 1672 HP small block chevrolet, one briggs and stratton L head engine and tecumsea OHV engine that got 17 HP and says 5 HP on the cover, which is badly deceiving. I know what Im doing, and so will YOU if you contact me. TKS-P.S. stock rpm is 3750, i can achieve 7500+ w/o supercharging or melting the block.

-- Aaron Samuelson (, November 27, 2003.

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