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Hey, for all of you people who want to build karts.... We do it all from scratch, but we are also working on starting a business building and selling them. Any questions or interested in buying a kart, let me know. Right now we have; 3 with snowmobile motors all of them go 40 -70 mph and are all built for off road use. We also have a small one with a lawnmower motor(for the little ones)

-- Mike (phatboy2180@hotmail.com), November 24, 2003


how do i make a two seater off road go kart with a snowno beile motor.

P.S send me the blue print

-- ADAM GORES (gores_024@hotmail.com), November 24, 2003.

You are exactly what i have been looking for!!!!!! Would you be able to help me out with the size and dimensions of the frame needed for a go kart capable of having a snowmobile engine in it????? Thanks, Theat would be great!

-- Jesse Vanhouwe (mobo12345@shaw.ca), February 12, 2004.

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