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Dear Friends... I do not know if MJ is guilty or not... I chose to believe that he is simply mis-understood.

STOP and take a breath... he KNOWS WHAT LOVE TRULY IS... What is wrong with this world is we have all became so preverted that most ADULTS, because of their own EVIL THOUGHTS and ATTITUDES, constantly ASSUME... that EVERYONE is the same.

I just watched the VH1 special about MJ tonight... I really listened to him... in a way... I find him to be a lot like Jesus Christ... becuase his IDEAS ABOUT LOVE... VERY PURE... are so un-realized by most of humanity.

But stop.... and take a deep breath and wait before we HANG HIM on a CROSS. Let all of the information be know. I personally think he is very vanurable becuase he has so much LOVE in his heart that he does not live like 99% of the reast of the world... in FEAR and SHAME and incapable of TRUE LOVE.

He truly understands what LOVE IS and HOW to GIVE LOVE.

When I listed to him about sleeping on the FLOOR... he said... HE GAVE HiS GUEST THE BEST... THIS IS TRULY LOVE.

I heard him say... the WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW IS LOVE.... This is Sooooo True.!!!!!!

The bigger problem in this world is MOST PEOPLE do not KNOW or UNDERSTAND Unconditional LOVE.

Michael is very blessed that he has allowed himself to be in the presence of young children... young children are FILLED with the INNOCIENCE and the PURE LIGHT OF GOD.... and Michael KNOWS THIS.

The problem is humanity and the evil MINDS of adults... that have grown up... angry... mad... living in Anger, Guilt and FEAR.

Gosh... my son slep with me when he was older... I know that LOVE has nothing to do with SEX....


The word SEX has been mixed-up with LOVE... and they are entirely two different words.

In closing.... I appologize for rambling, but I am a 52 year old women that has taught Mediation and Spiritual studies over the year.

Michael is simply in direct contact with LOVE... the LOVE he feels within SELF and for others..... LOVE IS NOT SEX. I view Michael as very ENLIGHTENED... The WORD ENLIGHTEN MEANS... to be the LIGHT of LOVE... to Light the FLAME of LOVE within the Hearts of others.

I personally appolozie to Michael that this world is NOT Ready for his wisdom of Love.

I believe Michael. If I am wrong. Than I will appologie to you ... but first... lets get all the information.

Much Love and Blessing to All,

May the Wicked Become Good... May the Good find Peace... May the Peaceful be Illuminated with MEMORY of the Light of God... And May all Gods that REMEMBER... Fill this world with Love.


-- Anonymous, November 23, 2003


Bobbie Darling... you have no idea what you are saying... he is very close to being CHRIST LIKE...

Be yea like a LITTLE CHILD to enter the Kindgom

You must remove the Human Ego to ALLOW the CHRIST to be known... you will NEVER KNOW HIM as CHIRST until YOU FIND SELF at that same place.. for like is know by like.

The EYES can not see what it is not.


-- Anonymous, November 24, 2003

Arianna Michael Jackson reminds you of Jesus Christ? Don't be rediculous... Jackson isn't anything like Christ, nor will he ever be. But he WILL be judged by Him.

-- Anonymous, November 24, 2003

My Web Site.... I forgot to post it...


-- Anonymous, November 23, 2003

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