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I have read Poe's short story "The Imp of the Preverse" and I do not know what it is about? Is the beginning even part of the plot?

-- Anonymous, November 23, 2003


It is more discoursive than usual though many of his tales open with that Rod Serling style lecture on the theme. However, the voice is that of a fictional character explaining a paradox very hard to understand, especially for the doomed criminal agonizing over his self-made fall. What is an attempt to show the interior mind of a rational persona(not crazed as in "The Tell Tale Heart" or drunk as in "The Black Cat") becomes what seems to be almost an essay with a parenthetical plot. These types of variations triangulate the issue of self destruction of the criminal.

As far as a story goes, it helps to rmember this "sane" person is not Poe and a mental drama is going on. Try to set aside for a moment why this issue is personally significant to Poe and his problems. Appreciate for a moment how integral this thoughtful section is as we impatiently wait for the "action", and how nearly all his stories use this introspective, philosophical method wedded to the wild emotion of the gothic drama.

Note too that however reasonable this rationale sounds, the criminal is not entirely remorseful, still under the spell of the emotional high and the thrill of horror at his own downfall. Victims? Not a thought. No empathy or repentance worth mentioning. Like St Paul's "the evil I would not do I do" the self awarenss is there, but not in the thrall of conversion but in the spin of disaster. A lot of "wow", but no healing, a pride and nervosity typical of the Romantic quester.

-- Anonymous, November 24, 2003

thank you very much

-- Anonymous, November 24, 2003

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