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Six weeks ago I fell while I was in Long beach, california (this is why I do not leave my mountains;-) and tore the ligaments,nerves and chipped a bone in my right foot. This is the most severe sprain to have and is called a "high ankle sprain" I wore a cast for 4 weeks and my orthodpedic surgeon switched me to a ankle brace with steel ankle supports that fit in a shoe. I wore it for a week but the pain in my ankle was unbearable. Finally this past thursday my orthopedic surgeon and my physical therapist decided I had to go back to a cast to totally immobolize the foot and leg, plus I was told because I am diabetic it will take between 8 months to a year to heal provided my surgeon does not have to do surgery to repair the tears.

Hmm, I had everything planned out for the winter and it did not include a CAST. I love winter in my town, my town has 3 ski resorts and it is fun having all the tourists, and the snow is beautiful. I do not ski, but I snowshoe and it is so much fun snowshoeing through the forests. In my town we can go into the forest and cut our own xmas trees for $5.00 (in the city those trees would be over $100,00) and 4 national forests are within 10 minutes of my town. I did not plan to be in pain for months and months, dang it I have plans!

But you know what God has plans for me and all of us. And healing is part of his plan. The disease of diabetes stops blood circulation to the feet and that is why healing is so slow for Diabetic and often result in amputations. I am learning many spiritual lessons that I am eager to share with my congregation. 1.)God does hear our prayers for healing 2.)Healing can come in various forms, physical, spiritual and emotional 3.)Healing involves others, family, friends, doctor and congregation. 4.)Trusting God enough that if you do not get the outcome you prayed for that you will continue to love him. 5.)Physical setbacks can be the key to a deeper relationship with God for though doctors do not want us calling them all day long Jesus is on call 24 hours a day. When I was younger I used to pray I would be healed of diabetes, that prayer was not answered. I have had diabetes for 39 years and I take insulin. I then prayed that God would allow me to help other diabetics. He answered that prayer request. Now will my foot heal without surgery or amputation? I truly pray to God it will, but if not I pray that he can still use me to serve him.

There is someone today who has gotten some bad health news (my ankle pales in comparison to your news) do not give up pray!! Your healing will happen on God's time. For those who are mad at God about health issues. It is o.k to be mad at him, God can take it. And when you are through being angry with him, you will experience a stillness. It is the stillness of love from your father God, he does not yell back at you. He sends his son to join you. During the time of stillness pray and pray and pray. And end with "Father God I promise I will keep praying"

I would love to hear your experiences regarding, patience, waiting on the lord, healing or post a prayer request so that we can pray for you. Our God is still in the miracle making business, he does not declare bankruptcy, or offer coupons because he is out of miracles and he never closes. I love you all.

-- Anonymous, November 22, 2003


I would like to take this time to tell you about my recent brain surgery (Suboccipital Craniectomy Duraplasty)on Aug. 17, 2003 My healing was through this surgery. My disease (Syringomyelia) was misdiagnosed for several years, if I coughed,sneezed, or laughed, I got dizzy. I was born with this disease. After seeking several physicans, testings (MRI) I was referred to a Neurosurgeon that diagnosed my problem. He recommend that I have surgery. After the neurosugeon explained what they were going to do during this procdure was very frighten, (the severe headache after surgery, breathing tube, shaving of the head). The last thing that I wanted to do was have surgery. I was praying that I would not have to have surgery. It was during this time I able to draw closer to God. After praying again about the surgery, I knew that my healing would have to come through surgery. The Lord worked through my neorosurgeon. Everytime I thought about having brain surgery, I keep reflecting on God's word. The one scripture that was so precious to me during this time was Psalm 139:14 " I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well." When His word said that I was fearfully and wonderfully made and He made me, I knew that God can heal me through surgery. Then I started to pray for the neorosurgeon and the staff at the hospiatl. I woke up from the surgery without a headache and without the breathing tube. I started praising God for His healing power. I can now cough, sneeze, laugh without any dizzness. To God Be The Glory. God gave me grace to get through this diffuclt time in my life.

-- Anonymous, November 24, 2003

Sister Denise PRAISE GOD for your healing and the anointing of God upon you. Thank you for sharing your story with me and others on the board about how God uses all people including our doctors.

I have to share with you I too have an incredible surgeon who is a Christian, last year I spend a month in the hospital with a massive foot infection that went to the bone of my right foot, I was in a wheel chair for for 4 months and had a registered nurse come 7 days a week when I got home from the hospital to change my would and check my I.V. thank God for my daughter or I would have had to go to a nursing home. I only missed 2 sundays fo church because I was so depressed that I could not preach (it is my joy) that my surgeon let me get out the bed for one hour a week to preach. My head trustee carried my wheel chair to the second floor where we meet. I sat on the first step and scooted my butt up literall, one step at a time 80 steps. My surgeon had told me from the beginning he would have to amputate my toes he felt he could save my life and still give me half of my foot. I prayed, no one knew how close to death I was except my Bishop and Dr. Cee, who stood by me and assured me they would watch over my daughter, the gangrene got worst, my surgeon tried every antibiotic. He cut one quarter of my big toe off, the infection kept spreading after 3 weeks of different massive antibiotics he said "we have to take all the toes" we will do it tomorrow. Rhe next day when my surgeon looked at my foot with the wound specialist, my big toe and regenerated itself, the part that he had cut off was back, he fell against the wall, the wound specialist fell into a church. The infection in my bone was receeding. This is a true story. That was my right foot. The injury today is my right foot. My surgeon says "Denise we know that God has his hand on you. The injury is not healing, BUT I am limping with my cast for Jesus and having so much fun. I worked on the ame herald all night until 5 am and that is a long time not to have my foot elevated. But last night I do not remember my foot being on the floor. What ever happens I know God will use the situation for his glory. I keep praying. Sister Denise I love you and the fact that you can do all that you do is a testimony of your relationship to God and his love for you.

Thank you so much, I need to hear your witness and others also needed to hear it. Keep posting.

-- Anonymous, November 24, 2003

Hello! Just a quick word about God's healing grace. I have a friend who was hospitalized needing surgery. During her stay in the hospital we had her grand child who lives with her. The thing is the child knew very little about prayer and was very angry; at what she couldn't figure out, she was just angry. Of course my family and my church family knew that she was more afraid than angry. So we began to pray! I am hear to tell you that the friend is healing well not just in her body, but in her spirit, and the grandchild is slowly spreading her prayer wings. Rev. Denise have you heard that song "As long as I got King Jesus! I don't need nobody else"? Well you are not alone and I have a feeling that the Lord is about to raise you up to even higher heights. Thanks for this topic of discussion. Me

-- Anonymous, November 24, 2003

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