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I am a 47 year old 2 week post-op patient that is in a great deal of pain when walking. I have numbness, burning and pins and needles feeling in the foot and calf of operated leg. Doctor is tryig to say this is related to the spinal I had, not his work. I am now on neurontin three times a day (900mg daily) This has helped but not completly. Are there any other options or is it too early to tell? I have heard of using a nerve block or operating on nerve what has worked. I need help please!!! Could this resolve on its own?

-- Carla Sharp (, November 21, 2003


My Dad turned 86 yesterday. Prior to taking a fall (while unloading his pickup truck) he was very active. Drives everywhere including major traffic, mentally more alert than I am most days! Sharp as a tack. He cooked, cleaned, did yard work, traveled, etc etc.

Now over 2 years since he had two hip operations after the fall... he is still in severe pain. We did seek the 2nd opinion from the Mayo Clinic. Hip specialist said it was not the hip replacement but rather that his back had severe stenosis. Which they told us causes the terrible hip & leg pain he has (they say pinched sciatic nerve).

After a total of 15 different days of evaluations by all types of doctors he was ok'd to have a lamnectomy of the lower lumber sections 2, 3, 4, 5. This surgery was awful for him. Dad made the final decision to have the surgery... but after said he would not have done it if he had known how bad the pain of surgery was going to be, the recovery and the results. The recovery is in week 4 now and his hip pain is worse than before. He says it is stronger (more concentrated) and never goes away now. Prior he had times when if sitting or laying "just in the right position" it would ease. His pain is increases on rising, walking and worst while standing in one in doing his dishes.

I felt we tried the best (Mayo) but am unconvinced today that he should have had this back surgery and at times wonder that perhaps even they missed something? How I do not know, as he had nerve conduction tests, bone scans etc. and was seen by 2 orthopedics, spine clinic and neurosurgery while there, plus a complete evaluation by heart, lung etc. to see is he would withstand the surgery.

It's a terrible feeling...watching your father deteriorate right in front of your eyes and feeling helpless. Meds including morphine and percocet etc. (and neurotin) only dull the pain. Dad has a follow-up with his neurosurgeon in Dec. and we will probably hear that the nerve damage was just too great or pinched too long and that this is as good as it gets...surgeon did tell Dad those possibilities prior to the surgery but Dad felt he had to go for it...go for the possibility (80% they said) of relief from pain.

What I have read on the internet about spinal damage/nerve pain indicates the longer the situation goes on the less likely surgery will correct one article said:"the spinal cord never forgets"...So if you are considering any action I would seek medical help as soon as possible and go the best possible place such ie: a well known spinal neurology center or Mayo etc. Good luck to you with finding an answer for your pain.

-- Diane Rehder (, November 23, 2003.

My wife (49 years old) had a total hip replacement (non-cemented)in April, 2002. I was surprised to hear of the same side effects you had. She has had nothing but problems since then. She has had chronic pain with all the side effects; no sleep, constant pain, crying, depression, contemplating suicide, etc. She was a fully functional person with a happy life. Now she is basically confined to a couch. She has lost her self as a human being due to pain. She has had 16 epidurals in the last year. Pain management doctors cannot find the problem only saying there is nerve damage from the accident prior to hip surgery. On November 4, 2003, doctors implanted a spinal cord stimulator to help ease the pain. It has helped by about 10-20 percent. She still continues to have her problems but doctors said all cases are different. You might want to ask your pain management doctor if this could be a possibility for you. Good Luck!!!

-- mike madison (, December 02, 2003.

-- mike madison (, December 02, 2003.

Dear Mike, I hope with is not what happens to me. I know what you are speaking of, pain and depression. I have been woried that it will never resolve. I will be 6 weeks post op next week. The doctors have put me on neurotin to help with pain but this does not resolve it completely but it has helped. Have your doctors said what caused this? You speak of an accident what are you referring to? I hope I have a happy ending for your wife and myself. Thak you for your input.

Carla Sharp

-- Carla Sharp (, December 06, 2003.

I am a 35 year old that has had three spine surgerys. I have been fused at L3-L4, L4-L5, L5-S1 and the last surgery they put in metal rods, plates, screws and cages. I did have a bone growth stimulator in my spine but it was taken out. I have real bad nerve pain and have been treated as a chronic pain patient for 11 years from my back injury. The reason for my chronic pain is that the doctors waited two years after I was hurt to do surgery and I had bad nerve damage by the time they decided to fix me. Never wait to get surgery if you need it. If your doctor won't do it then find a different one. My life is hell from the pain. My legs go numb all the time. I have been to the best docs in a few states but there is no way to fix nerve pain. I have to take pills all day in order to stay pain free. If my pain gets to bad my bladder stops working and I have even more problems. Get fixed fast, if you wait you may play a big price. I am.

-- Doug (, December 28, 2003.

I fell off an 8ft ladder at work in march 2001. I was is the hospital for 1 week then the Doctor send me home to stay in bed for six weeks on my back. I started to hurt so bad my husband had to take me to the Doctor and set in the office for 3hours in pain i was crying. So he send me to other Doctor which send me to rehabilitation. But that made it hurt worse, so my first Doctor send me back to work I was in so much pain I thought about dieing. So my so called Doctor send to other so called Doctor who did surgery and left after a 8hour surgery with problems he saw 1 time after surgery . I was send to another Doctor he is the best he had to do two surgery's so he could correct the problems he first surgery he put in 3 pins and 12 screws starting at L2-S1 and a screw in each hip. He was not looking for me to walk buy I am walking. My last surgery he replaced the pins and screws to 2 pins and 5 screws. I still have numbness and sharp pain and my right leg goes weak. But I feel better now then I have in 3 years. I know there are some good Doctor's out their. My Doctor is Dr. Stan Faulkner, in Birmingham AL. I wish everybody could have a Doctor like mind. Because he will tell you what will happen or not. Like said before he did not think I would ever walk again.


-- Glenda Martin (, May 20, 2004.


My heart goes out to you and your father. I have that same pain in my left hip when I stand in one place and can't stand for longer then a couple of minutes without having to lean on a counter or sit down from the pain. I have also been told that I have Stenosis. I have tried spinal epidural steroid shots and even a Rhysotomy and nothing seems to help that pain that keeps me from standing or walking for any period of time. The Rhysotomy did however really help the lower back and shooting pains I was having down the back of my legs to my knees. Has your Dad ever tried having a Rhysotomy at a pain clinic? Bless his heart, I feel so bad for him. I am 46 now and am not sure when my problem started but have been wondering whether or not I might have permanent nerve damage in that spot. I had a THR (R) that went south and don't think I needed it. I believe the problem was my back in the first place but not sure what to ever have done concerning my back. We all have only one. I am on Duragesic pain patches for the stabbing groin pain that I have in both sides of my groin now and it is truly a miracle for that. I take 3000 mg. a day of Neurontin to handle the Tarsul Tunnel I developed in my left foot but neither one even touches that pain in my left back that keeps me from being able to stand in one place. I wish his surgery had cured his problem, then I might have some hope. I have considered going to the Mayo Clinic as I have been there before for a tumor on my Pituitary Gland years ago but is a long way for me to go for follow up surgery and I hate to fly. God Bless you and your Dad and I pray that God will do something to help him.



-- Sue Shields (, July 15, 2004.

Check out RSD on the net (Reflex Sympathic Dystrophy) very painful stuff and can happen with any trama to the body. I broke my wrist and had it in my shoulder, elbow, wrist & hand, took 2yrs. of therapy to finnally get rid of it.

-- Marilyn Christine (, February 12, 2005.

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