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Hi to all and Hi to Michael!

I tell you this: WE are ALL human beings! And we ALL have FEELINGS and LONGINGS and YEARNINGS. God installed this to us. We can't help. So: WHY a human being like MICHAEL JACKSON is not allowed to say: "I love these beautiful little boys, because they are cute and God made them cute, so that we all MUST love and adore them as they are...!" I CANNOT understand all those people who don't understand THIS.

Think of this: Does anyone PERSUE a person who LOVES a woman? So why they ALL do PERSUE a person who loves BOYS...??? It's SCHIZOPHRENIA....!!!

-- Anonymous, November 21, 2003


Can anybody tell me what happened to MJ's url http://www.planetjackson.com ? It doesn't work anymore...

-- Anonymous, December 25, 2003

This is a no brainer i have nothing againts gays or MJ but as human beings we have set standards on what is right or wrong is having sex with animals right no we have set certain stadards on what is right or wrong and we have to follow these or people will be questioning every thing else murder and stupid things like that i am not saying what MJ did ( or did not do) is like murder but he broke the rules set by us therfore needs to be punished. Excuse the spelling very tired now.

-- Anonymous, November 29, 2003

Also wonderful, Arianna, and so much true. Thanks. :-)

-- Anonymous, November 27, 2003

Wonderful, Kent, and so much true. :-)

-- Anonymous, November 27, 2003

Did any of these kids say that they were subjected to medications or substances that made them drowsy or groggy or even unconscious? No they did not. Are any of the children that stayed with MJ injured physically with arms or legs missing, perhaps even dead? No they are not. The children are all alive and well, and this seems to be yet another witch hunt by the sensational press which skews the perceptions of the general public to creating the new age lynching. We are not talking Jeffrey Dhalmer here or Ted Bundy JR. This is Michael Jackson. Even if these kids claim to be molested (maybe they were, maybe they weren't)by an adult, why didn't any of them have hard evidence or supporting backup? Did Michael Jackson give bad head or something to be reported in the first place? Even if MJ blew one of the kids, or boinked them... they are still very much alive, and able to talk about it. We all have made a bad choice or two at times and had a coyote morning as adults. We have even sat back and let someone else give us that beautiful sensation only to regret later that it was a guy, and even have gone far enough to let them hide the salami. Kids will expirament, and it is ashame that the general concensus does not agree. Now there are such things as kids with AIDS that play with other kids sexually before they even know what the extent of the situation is. As adults we generally know "better", but dang!! Who does not enjoy a little tug of war with a nice tuft of peach fuzz on a kid once and awhile? If we didn't have our heads up our buts and acted naturally, it would not matter if it was a teen, preteen, adult or what. The people who say, "I would never...." are usually the biggest perverts waiting to come out of the closet either by illegal means or otherwise. I am not saying, "Go NAMBLA!" But I am saying, "what is nature feels good." One must judge others by looking directly in the mirror first and finding their own flaws.

-- Anonymous, November 26, 2003

Children should have the same rights and protections as adults. If they are forced, raped or offended they deserve legal intervention. If they're not offended, they deserve some freedom and privacy and shouldn't be forced to participate in ruining the life of a friend. When my young nephew wanted to sleep on the couch with his uncle I was honored that he loves me and I would never do anything to make him feel rejected or unwanted, or to make him dislike me. I hate for television to tell him its bad, immoral or unappropriate for him to love me. Kids should feel welcome to sleep with anyone they like. Remember sleep?

-- Anonymous, November 26, 2003

I totally AGREE with you Mikey...

I just posted this one....

Dear Friends... I do not know if MJ is guilty or not... I chose to believe that he is simply mis-understood. STOP and take a breath... he KNOWS WHAT LOVE TRULY IS... What is wrong with this world is we have all became so preverted that most ADULTS, because of their own EVIL THOUGHTS and ATTITUDES, constantly ASSUME... that EVERYONE is the same.

I just watched the VH1 special about MJ tonight... I really listened to him... in a way... I find him to be a lot like Jesus Christ... becuase his IDEAS ABOUT LOVE... VERY PURE... are so un-realized by most of humanity.

But stop.... and take a deep breath and wait before we HANG HIM on a CROSS. Let all of the information be know. I personally think he is very vanurable becuase he has so much LOVE in his heart that he does not live like 99% of the reast of the world... in FEAR and SHAME and incapable of TRUE LOVE.

He truly understands what LOVE IS and HOW to GIVE LOVE.

When I listed to him about sleeping on the FLOOR... he said... HE GAVE HiS GUEST THE BEST... THIS IS TRULY LOVE.

I heard him say... the WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW IS LOVE.... This is Sooooo True.!!!!!!

The bigger problem in this world is MOST PEOPLE do not KNOW or UNDERSTAND Unconditional LOVE.

Michael is very blessed that he has allowed himself to be in the presence of young children... young children are FILLED with the INNOCIENCE and the PURE LIGHT OF GOD.... and Michael KNOWS THIS.

The problem is humanity and the evil MINDS of adults... that have grown up... angry... mad... living in Anger, Guilt and FEAR.

Gosh... my son slep with me when he was older... I know that LOVE has nothing to do with SEX....


The word SEX has been mixed-up with LOVE... and they are entirely two different words.

In closing.... I appologize for rambling, but I am a 52 year old women that has taught Mediation and Spiritual studies over the year.

Michael is simply in direct contact with LOVE... the LOVE he feels within SELF and for others..... LOVE IS NOT SEX. I view Michael as very ENLIGHTENED... The WORD ENLIGHTEN MEANS... to be the LIGHT of LOVE... to Light the FLAME of LOVE within the Hearts of others.

I personally appolozie to Michael that this world is NOT Ready for his wisdom of Love.

I believe Michael. If I am wrong. Than I will appologie to you ... but first... lets get all the information.

Much Love and Blessing to All,

May the Wicked Become Good... May the Good find Peace... May the Peaceful be Illuminated with MEMORY of the Light of God... And May all Gods that REMEMBER... Fill this world with Love.


-- Anonymous, November 23, 2003


Thanks for your opinion. Yes, I am from GERMANY and when I write something urgent it may be a little bit wrong... - But that is a thing that is not as important as you made it...

To your questions, first the last: I am 47 years old, quite like MICHAEL, I lived with my GIRLFRIEND together for 13 years - then she left me without giving me children... Now she has TWO, with that other guy... - I am not GAY, I just are longing for having an own SON, you know? I have never been raped, only been touched by a man when I was 12 or so. My Mom and Dad are loving me!

Why should a 12 year old boy, who can DECIDE THINGS by himself, not sleep in the bed of a 45 year old man? What is the evil in it? We are HUMAN BEINGS and little boys are made cute so that you cannot help adoring them... - When one give his LOVE to a human being: what is the problem with it then?? Would it be better to hurt this human being? Like many parents DO with their children every day? - I don't believe that MICHAEL JACKSON did ever hurt a young boy. He only gave them his LOVE. Nothing else. And it is a LOVE, which HE never got from his daddy or his mom...

-- Anonymous, November 22, 2003

Mikey, Your grasp of the English language has a lot ot be desired. You uneducated retarded derelict.

"But you are that sort of person who don't understand ANYTHING" Ok, dumb ass, the word should be "Doesn't" not "Don't"

"What is BAD about to make LOVE or to SHOW LOVE?" one more for you... What is bad about making love or showing love?

You are judge by how you use the English language. I'm am pretty sure that you are slightly retarded and could not even figure out how to roll the dice in the board game Trivial Persuit let alone answer a question.

Answer me this moron: Do you honestly think it is alright for a 45 year old man to sleep in the same bed as a 12 year old boy, especially when the 12 year old is not his child? Put aside the fact that Michael is the self proclaimed "King of Pop". If he were just the average Joe on the street do you think it would be a good idea?

Couple other questions...

How old are you? Are you openly Gay? Have you ever been raped? Does your Mommy and Daddy love you? Are you in fact retarded?

-- Anonymous, November 21, 2003

Thanks, STEVE! - But you are that sort of person who don't understand ANYTHING.... - What is BAD about to make LOVE or to SHOW LOVE? Is it better to MAKE WAR, like this mad guy Bush did..??? I ask you again: WHAT IS MORE IMPORTANT?

YOU and the rest of the world can be sure: MICHAEL didn't harm these boys, never. He LOVED them, that's all.

-- Anonymous, November 21, 2003

Mikey... I would expect that kind of comment form a guy named MIKEY! What are you,some sort of FAG? The difference between a man who loves a woman and a man who loves children, especially boys, is like apples and oranges. Men and women were designed to be together from the very begining. Men and boys were not. Men and women can make love for the reason of making babies, men and boys can't. Men who like children are wrong for doing so and will burn in hell for doing so. Hey Mikey how many cocks have you had shoved up your ass or were forced to suck? Just wondering you freak. You should be thrown in the same deep dark hole Michael and others like him should be in.


-- Anonymous, November 21, 2003

These kids did not want to be violated like that you idiot. They were forced into an act they wanted to have nothing to do with. Its just like the catholic sex scandels going on. Michael Jackson should get no special treatment because of who he is in the music industry. He needs to get locked up just like the preiests.

-- Anonymous, November 21, 2003

No its paedophilia...!!!. There's nothing wrong with loving young boys but buggering them is an entirely different kettle of fish.

-- Anonymous, November 21, 2003

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