i have an important thing that i need your help!

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first, my english is really bad, i am an international student, i know you Mechael from a lot of volunteer works you had done for people, i would say for the world. Everyone really wanna say thanks to you, you are their hero, save their life. I like to do volunteer, too. When i saw people happy i am happy, too. I remember one time my friend said that "you always do people's business" i think that's true. I just wanna share my feeling with you, because at this time, i am really sad, and everything come to me just try to harm me down. I mean that i am ok, just the more i try to help people, the more they don't understand me and get me wrong. Just a short message to share with you what i am, and i hope we can be friends.

-- Anonymous, November 21, 2003

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