Powering a DCC unit with an AC voltage transformer.

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I just purchased a Command 2000 digital control unit. I read where it can be powered using 14 to 18 volts AC(for HO/N) or 18 to 22 volts AC(for G gauge). I will be using HO gauge. Would there be any problem if I used an AC supply with 24 volts AC(two 12.6 VAC xmfrs in series, no load) and why? Thank you - Bruce Rattray, Regina, SK, Canada

-- Bruce Rattray (rattray@accesscomm.ca), November 20, 2003


If the highest input voltage they recommend for G is 22V, why do you want to risk damage to your unit putting 25.2V into it? At the very least, it will run very hot. Don't take chances. Buy yourself a transformer.

-- Allan Gartner (wire4dcc_admin@comcast.net), November 26, 2003.

Thank you for your reply Alan. The 24 VAC would be without a load. There will be a drop in that voltage when the DCC unit is added; probably about 2 volts. There will be an additional voltage drop when the load of the engines is added. The DCC unit has a limit of 2.5 amps so I will be using that as target measurement when calculating loads. I'm hoping it will result in the final voltage being in the 14 to 18 volt range. - Bruce Rattray

-- Bruce Rattray (rattray@accesscomm.ca), November 27, 2003.

As Allan said, why risk the unit? You may not obtain the desired voltage drop, and then you may encounter some problems with your command station. If you absolutely want to use the transformes, I would suggest to go the Radio Shack, and get several diodes rated for 5 Amp, and use them to lower your input voltage to 22V.


-- Ulrich Albrecht (albreuf@auburn.edu), December 01, 2003.

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