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Over the past few weeks Iíve been surprised to continue to receive a stream of correspondence from former students. As you can imagine itís very satisfying. I donít think any of them has the time to post something on the forum, so I thought I would say one or two sentences about what each of my correspondents is doing.

There is of course the danger that Iíll leave someone out or that Iíll get something wrong. I hope Iíll be forgiven (and that youíll write me or the forum to make the correction.) I present these names in no particular order.

Jessica Cooperman (TA 1993/94) got married last month. She continues to work as a psychologist at the Markham-Stouffville Hospital.

Elke Weber (TA 1978/79) was in Toronto this fall. Both she and her husband, Eric Johnson, both gave talks at the Rotman School of Management at the U. of T. I attended both talks and had a very enjoyable lunch with both of them.

Sam Elfassy (TA 2001/02) is very happily studying medicine at the University of Western Ontario.

Kaitlyn McLachlan (student 2001/02) continues her hobbies of cheerleading, writing the GRE, and preparing applications for graduate school.

Giovanni Foti (TA 2000/01) is in the clinical program at the University of Guelph. He also got married and bought a house last summer so is very busy.

Melodie Vella (student 1999/2000) graduated in spring 2002. (I was at her convocation, the same one in which Ron Sheese was honoured as a University Professor). She is now making good use of her French language skills in her job and is applying for graduate school for next year.

Cindy Grelik (TA 2001/02) is in her second year of an M.Sc. program in pharmacology at McGill but is planning a major change in academic direction for next year. Stay tuned.

Marco Pires (student 2001/02) is working on his honours thesis and preparing applications for graduate school.

Debbie Buehler(TA 1998/99) has just completed an exciting month trip to Ecuador and Peru, including the Inca Trail. She continues to send her chronicles to me and many others and, I expect, will post something about her recent trip on the forum soon.

Mirona Gheorghiu (TA 2000/01) gave a talk in Budapest last summer and visited her home country of Romania for the first time in five years. She has now started graduate work at the University of Sussex in Brighton, UK.

Angie Ceci (TA 2001/02) had very successful major surgery recently and she and her family are overjoyed. She has got engaged and is preparing applications for teachers college.

Megan Smith (TA 2001/02), like a number of others, has written the GRE this fall and is applying to clinical graduate programs.

Rita Thompson (TA 1991/92) has been battling major health issues for more than a year but with her usual courage is pulling through. She continues to be a great support for Louise and me.

Gigi Luk (TA 2000/01) recently passed the oral exam for her Masterís degree and is continuing on to the Ph.D. in Development Psychology.

Anne Stephenson (TA 1988/89) is a specialist in Internal Medicine at Womenís College Hospital. Two weeks ago my friend with whom I have German conversations each week had a mild heart attack. I visited him in the emergency department at Womenís College. To my astonishment (and Anneís) she was the specialist treating my friend! Anne and her husband Claudio have two children. The last time I met Anne was a few years ago on the Yonge subway but I forgot to ask her a statistics question. Perhaps to be ready for the next encounter on Yonge Street, sheís now taking a biostatistics course.

Marietta Nuyens (student 2001/02) is finishing her degree as well as being mother to two children. She like several of the others above has braved the GRE and is applying to graduate school.

Laura Hassel (TA 1997/98) is teaching school in Hartford, Connecticut, as well as being mother to a large family.

Lisa-Marie Morgan (TA 2000/01) continues with her Ph.D. work in Melbourne, Australia. If you looked at the pictures to which I gave a link on a previous forum posting, youíll see that she is thoroughly enjoying herself.

-- Anonymous, November 20, 2003

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