dr. william dickerson visit

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i want to send a special thank to rev. bill dickeron in his visit recently to our fair city where he show and and showed out for three days . he was here in orlando florida at st. mark ame church where the dr. rev. samuel green is the pastor and rev. dickerson show out for us at each service he preached and i am glad i did not let devil stop me from showing to hear him this pass sunday morining . he taught us how to survival strageties for keeping our churches clean . he was very good and wonderful to hear. hats off to you rev dickerson i was listening to you .

-- Anonymous, November 20, 2003


Hey Rosalind I'm Jowe saxman for Pastor Dickerson @ Greater love tabernacle in Boston MA ... Pastor D. is a great teacher and preacher. I'm glad you enjoyed him be bless Jowe

-- Anonymous, March 11, 2004

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