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It's ludicrous! Michael Jackson is a product of the media. We don't call this America anymore we call this media driven scared America. Made up of Racist not trusting not believing not caring anymore-social climbing poverty ridden society. (Know I can't spell because of a drunk driver on New yearís eve last year almost killing me) What I do know is an innocent person judge by media with out the public really knowing Michael Jackson. Look what the media did to Diana and we supposible love her. We read the trash because we want to believe the worse of everyone. We don't go out our doors and say high to the neighbors anymore cause we are scared they don't look like us or talk like us and even if they did we condemn them because we are just plain afraid to interact. Michael Jackson has given millions and he is a very intelligent human being whom has managed a career to become one of the most successful entertainers of all time. Think about it with his abilities to make films, music, world wide organizations and take care of child with Cancer and give so much of him self to the public why and how would he have the time or want even to mess up a life time career, that he has created for himself. He is no dummy and this prosecutor that has been after Michael for 10 years wants media attention look at her past and plus the fact and I mean fact that it is the same attorney who was the attorney for the first family that scam Michael from Money is the same attorney who is representing this boy and is the one that sent the boy to a shrink. I believe it just another scam for money with greedy parents. There would be not one but 100 of boys if this was true of Michael consider he has taken care of children for years are we the American public that stupid to believe the media again. Michael is innocent until proven guilty let us not be judges unless we be clean of sin ourselves.

-- Anonymous, November 20, 2003


To answer your post I must tell you I know who I am the answer is do you Know who you are? The true saying goes ~~~~ if it smells like fish~~ if You are in love with this scumbag MOLESTER!!! The writing is on the wall you trailer park trash!!! you must be all on drugs and molested once!!!,, Man donít you see it Donít you get it!!! You are so blind it is whacky, I must say AND IíLL REPEAT I MUST SAY I ALWAYS HAD LIKE MICHAEL JACKSON yes this is true, he is talented,, BUT THE WRITING IS ON THE WALL, There is no conspiracy from the police, the evidence is there!! I WANT YOU TO ALL COME BACK TO THIS SITE AND TO READ MY POST AFTER JANUARY 10th 2004 YOU will see that I was right, You may still be ignorant but I will be right!!!! He is without a doubt a MOLESTER of sometime. YOU people are so friggen stupid and it is not funny, I guess O.J. was innocent? Let me tell you if you were standing in front of me I would of bitch slap you all in a row, for being a dumb ass, and ignorant.

I hope you people will smarten up and stop being a follower all your lives.

There is no GOD and there is no JESUS. But only a child molester name Michael Jackson the 12 year old lover.

I hate you all!! With a passion.

I mourn to John Gotti that any other person on this post, John Gotti has done more than any of you or MJ,

So hope you all die of Cancer

Love saten

-- Anonymous, November 21, 2003

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