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2nd photo up. enjoy.

-- Doug (, November 19, 2003


Will we see it in motion? Peter, don't you think this is some of the best of the fan art? Seems perfect to me.

-- Barb e. (, November 23, 2003.

and another:

-- Doug (, November 19, 2003.

These are pretty awesome, but I don't really understand, is your girlfriend making a computer animated Aeon short, and these are some stills from it? Or is she just making these stills? I'm a bit confused. That would be awesome to see the final animation when she is finished, if that is even what she is doing, ha. Alright, later.

-- Max W. (, November 19, 2003.

His friend is on to something here. Look at these peter! so inspiring...bring Aeon back!

-- Grant Grismore (, November 19, 2003.

Hi Guys. She is creating an animated short of Aeon Flux. Just a little storyboard we threw together and bringing it to life. The images I'm posting are stills from her Work in progress. I will most definately post a link to the final animation once completed, but until then I will keep posting stills for your enjoyment!


-- Doug (, November 20, 2003.

That's really cool... unlike a lot of fan art I've seen, it really looks like Aeon and her environment. I can't wait to see it in motion!

-- Mat Rebholz (, November 20, 2003.

Thanks for the compliment! I will post a rendered animation clip in the next few days...keep a look-out!

-- Doug (, November 23, 2003.

You will see the whole animation piece in motion once complete. But I will post small clips on occasion once rendered and approved (first one to arrive early next week). I'm glad you like. Peter Chung has been a huge artistic inspiration for me since my late childhood and I was very excited that my girlfriend had graciously accepted the task of re-creating a small piece of the magic.

-- Doug (, November 23, 2003.

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