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I have an incomplete but functional N scale layout with the above basics (it was working fine). I advanced this system to DCC for more realistic operations. When I finally threw my turnouts, My locomotives died for 5 seconds. My locos are controlled by an MRC "Prodigy" and I threw the turnouts with regular DC-not DCC. Obviouly after all this work and the promise of simplified operations I was mortified. I am not quite in the mood to dig up and modify turnouts (which I know were wired fine, nor switch machine). What is my best course of action which will be least painful to stay in DCC and have a layout whose turnouts work well? Suggestions please- I am all eyes and ears on this one!

-- Clifford Spanierman (, November 18, 2003


With a bit of tinkering of just one turnout, there is now no problem- I just did a bit of turnout filing and a slight reorientation of the tortise machine. It seems to me that this combination is very DCC friendly...the locomotives now run flawlessly

-- Clifford Spanierman (, January 23, 2004.

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