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I am a Licentiate at an AME church. There are no men on staff only women and I just discovered that the Pastor is involved in an relationship with another female member on our staff. There is also a member of the staff an Itenarate Deacon who is also involved in a relationship outside of the church with another woman. I am not gay but this does disturb me a bit and I'm wondering if it's feasible for me to stay. The pastor is a great preacher and teacher of the word but I'm not sure if that's a good reason to stay. The relationship is somewhat obvious to the congregation.

I've seen post on here with regards to the issue of homesexual preachers but I never imagined that this would happen at my home church. This is becoming a big issue with the gay bishop and all and now the state of Mass allowing gay couples to be married. I'm wondering if this situation is condusive to me as an up and coming minister?

-- Anonymous, November 18, 2003


Should you leave or should you stay? If you feel that strongly against homosexuals/lesbians in the church and/or in the clergy, then you probably should leave this particular church. However, as an up- and-coming clergy person, you may need to accept the fact that, though it may be an unpopular concept right now, there are homosexual and lesbian clergy in our branch of Zion. There are also many, many homosexual and lesbian congregants in many of our churches. Whether you stay at this particular church or transfer to another church or another denomination, this is something that, as a clergy person, you are going to confront on a daily and certainly a weekly basis. Homosexuals and lesbians may not be "open" about their orientation, but they certainly do worship in our churches. You would be surprised how many people are actually of that orientation, but for fear of being ostracized, they choose to remain in the closet. I will pray for your strength in the Lord. Through prayer, you will make the right decision.

-- Anonymous, November 18, 2003

T.J., Personally, I think you should seek God on this issue. Fast and Pray, Pray and Fast for the Lord's will to be done and a fresh anointing over the church. Speak those things that in to existence to line up with the Word of God. Remember Satan is everywhere just like GOd is, but ultimately God is in CONTROL. Your presence could be the influence that others in the church need right now as a mentor to stay on the right path. Although sometimes we are in situations we would rather not be in, remember it is about God's business and not our feelings. If you are faithful and committed to what God has called you to do there is always the possibility that someone will change because you decided to live totally for Christ and let God's Light shine through you.

God Bless

-- Anonymous, November 19, 2003

TJ what is your problem? Are you a follower of the preacher or a follower of Christ? Do you think for one moment if God called you that God will not lead you where God wants you to be. Sin is all around us. You can leave that environment and you will find sin waiting for you at your next stop. The question is will you stand for God in the midst of a sinful world and proclaim the gospel pure and free. You are not responsible for the behavior of the pastor or your colleagues. You are responsible to tell the old time story that Jesus is looking for followers. If God moves you then move. But if you just don't like the surroundings leave the ministry because my sister you ain't ready yet. Why? Because this ain't heaven. Be Strong and fight the GOOD fight of faith. Don't preach your opinion, preach the word.

-- Anonymous, November 23, 2003

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