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Healthcare is one of the biggest problems in this country. Everyday millions of Americans are going without quality healthcare, and it is getting harder and harder to afford good healthcare.

Recent studies show that there are 44 million Americans with no health insurance, and 70 million that are underinsured.

There is a way to get affordable healthcare through a Provider Access Organization (PAO) commonly known as Healthcare Savings Programs. It is a non-insurance program that gives you direct discounts from thousands of medical providers all over the country.

A healthcare savings program is NOT a replacement for health insurance, but it is an affordable solution if you are: 1. Uninsured, 2. Underinsurable, 3. Uninsuable, 4. Unable to pay high prices for insurance.

Again, a healthcare savings program is NOT a replacement for health insurance. They are not designed to protect you against major catastrophic illnesses or injuries. Buy a health insurance plan wisely for the big bills and a healthcare savings program to save you money on the little bills.

You may have members, friends, family in need of quality healthcare.

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-- Anonymous, November 18, 2003

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