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Moderator: While your site looks good, you have no Link to the A.M.E. Church. You do not leave a real address (info isn't a person). You do not identify yourself as being A.M.E.

Your post has to go.

-- Anonymous, November 18, 2003


Our moderator Rev. John Harper is indeed A.M.E.! And an Elder in our denomination. He volunteers as the moderator of this board as well as serving on staff of an 18,000 member church. He gets every post that is submitted to this board plus his church emails, in addition he is the webmaster for 5 other sites including the Prayer web page for the fifth district. Yet he reads each email and checks this board daily to make sure it is working.

There is no link of this forum because this is a discussion board. The ame-today page was set up by Rev. john Fisher who died in March, 2003. Since he put up the main page he was the only one that knew the passwords and that page cannot be updated. The forum is owned by Dr. Philip Greenspun and thus Rev. Harper graciously took on the job of moderator.

The web address of the ame church is:

-- Anonymous, November 18, 2003

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