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Hi ,

Just like to be enlighten with some experience others might have.

I ve tried using Roxio to burn digital camera images to VCD, however the result can only be played in some VCD players and few high end DVD players that support VCD.

What's the reason? From Roxio there's no any option given during burning..only one type / format of VCD is available.

-- surya liem (, November 18, 2003


Roxio is terrible for making VCDs. It does not make compliant VCDs. What this means is that the VCDs it produces do not conform to the standards for making VCDs - there are some differences. If I understand what you posted, you are trying to make a photo VCD. The only software I know that can make 100% compliant photo VCDs is VCDeasy. It's available at It's very time consuming to use VCDeasy to make photo VCDs, but under Tools-> Mpeg Stills there is a screen to convert your photos to valid photo VCD format. You have to convert the photos one at a time, then add them to the VCD in order. There are some decent guides at the web site on using it. It's not a real simple program to use, but it does produce excellent results.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), November 18, 2003.

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