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Whenever I look at this site these days there is just a load of garbage on it. There is also too much swearing and unrelated questions and anwers. Shouldn't the moderator be watching out for this? I am only 10 but I am probably smarter than most of the people who post questions and answers here. I am sure peolple do not want bad language on this site and the young people like myself should not be subjected to it. Please, if you are an offender, stop this behavior. You are ruining a good site.

Regards, Clancy McGuire.

-- Clancy Michael McGuire (, November 17, 2003


Ok I can agree with you on the load of bull on this site. The swearing is getting out of hand. Also this is ment to be a site for junk yard wars right? First of all there are many of people that post on this site that do not want to be compared mentaly to a ten year old. Me included. Futhermore isnt your question kinda "unrealted".

-- Phast Phil (, November 24, 2003.

Phast Phil, just step off you wh*re. F*ck! Mr Clancy is right - dead right - yeah dude, you're only 10 but you're sort of onto it, but you're also missing it by a mile. You'll come to realise that the world is imperfect. No matter how hard anyone tries, people always screw good things up, becuase they're either selfish, apathetic, or retarded, or even just bored. To some people it's even funny. What do you want these people to do? Pack up and go to another forum? My advice is this - grimace and bear it. As for not being subjected to this kind of stuff - well, you'll have to face it someday, might as well do it sooner than later, it'll only make you stronger. Try - they have so many pictures and stories about the horrors in this world. Horror, and mortal terror. You must make these your friends, or they must be enemies to be feared. When you're reading posts on this forum about mike d'adamo and luke of hazleburg having gay intercourse with each other's mums and brothers, embrace the moment - be horrified, but once you're over it, you're a better person for it, becuase you have a greater understanding of the world - you're that one bit less oblivious to the evil in the world, which makes you one bit more fit to descern it from good. That's what it's all about, good and evil, right and wrong. I started this post off with the wrong intent - I was angry at phast phil for him being so anal. But I offer you these words of advice and wisdom, so my intentions are good. Don't go to, unless you truly seek to make a friend of horror - then you can put it all behind you and no longer live a sheltered life, more able to dicern between right and wrong. But I also need to point out that this kind of post is almost useless. Before I clicked on it, I knew what it was about. And I knew how futile it was. THe ones who can't discern between good and bad, and the ones who just don't care - just DON'T care. Ok, maybe a small percentage will feel bad about what they've written and maybe stop, who knows? But there'll always be more people out there to replace them. What you need to do is teach the whole world o love and respect each other. I's an insanely hard task, but I wish you luck if you undertake it - trust in God, becuase He will provide for you, and ask for what you need through Jesus' name. Then one day, we'll have no wars, no abortion, no racism, no hate, no greed, and we can all go about our business in perfect harmony. We can come onto this forum, and talk about how to build go-carts, and everyone will love and respect each other. That would be really nice. Perfect. You've got to accept that the world as it is is highly imperfect, and full of evil. Destroy every TV in the world, and you might have a good chance at stopping the spread of evil and bringing the love back into families, becuase it's in families where it all starts. HTe people who come on here to swear and put down people have had family troubles, bad parenting, not enough love etc. Kill the TV. Please. I will remember you when you're older. You have been chosen. YOur task, Mr Clancy, is to kill the TV. Create some kind of weapon that can disable them. Or a product that will cause them to distruct a few years later. I have faith in you, you can do it. If you can't who will??

-- tom (, December 13, 2003.

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-- pussy muncher (, January 22, 2004.


-- WERWERWE (QERRERWE@AOL.COM), February 05, 2004.

if your so smart anwser this shit head. if sponge bob lives under the sea how come he can fill up his bath with water from a tap

-- chris (, April 17, 2004.

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