Poe's writing styles

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I was wondering if anyone could tell me some of Poe's main writting styles. Also, how do these compare to those of Agatha Christie? Thanks

-- Anonymous, November 16, 2003


Whatever originality or style Agathie christie might have on her own, her tales owe their gnesis to the plots and styles of Poe. he invented the detective story using first person narration, the use of clues the reader can seem to discover ahead of some of the characters, the Gothic trimmings, psychological and intuitive probings. She even uses a Dupin-like French detective, Hercule Poirot.

I guess it depends how deeply you want to get into that. You need obviously to read Poe's four detective tales and Christie's work.

-- Anonymous, November 16, 2003

this answer doesn't have anything to do with the style of writing that Poe used in his work.

-- Anonymous, November 24, 2003

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