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Many times on this discussion board we read about clergy that are harmful or insensitive. And yes they are out there and they exist in every denomination. Paul the apostle warns of us those who preach a false doctrine and the children will/have infiltrated our churches we must have discernment and not confuse them as followers of Christ.

I think it is important that we lift up those who are doing the work of the Lord, for scripture tells us to encourage one another. There are pastors, bishops, general officers and laity doing incredible work for the lord. We must share this news. For if we do not, we become discouraged and give up ourselves.

Please share with the board, the clergy, bishops general/connections officers, presiding elders and laity that are doing good work for the lord. And if you are not ame feel free to share what is happening in your denomination.

If you have never posted before, jump right in and share about your church, this board is open to everyone. As we share I hope you will include some of the ministries or projects that these servants of God have done.

Let us hear about the hard workers in our church. We have 2.5 million members so I am hoping we will have lots of good news to share.

-- Anonymous, November 13, 2003


"oops" the third line should read "children of darkness"

-- Anonymous, November 13, 2003

The Rev. Dr. W. Jerome McClain has started a new initiative in Macon, GA, Living Faith AME Church. Not counting his wife and children, 5 saw his vision and stepped out on faith with him. This has been a giant undertaking and only by God's grace have we been able to continue on this journey.

I know that some may ask why is this such a great undertaking? Allow me give you some background information as to the why.

We purchased a 70,000 sq ft of building that sits on 1.3 acreas of land. In other words the church and the buildings on the property which is downtown Macon covers one city block wide and deep. God has blessed us with a santuary that seats 1100 (600 downstairs, 500 upstairs), a three story education building with 66 class rooms, with a day care on the first floor, a basement under the entire santuary, with fellowship hall and commercial kitchen, an activity building that has a basketball court and a commercial kitchen also.

God has truly blessed us and our out reach ministries are now starting to grow.

Please keep us in your prayers. We are as our church's name implies, we are "Living Faith" AMEC (L-FAME).

-- Anonymous, November 14, 2003

Rev. Rogers, I am so glad you did this post. It made me think of all the pastors I've had since childhood who've had such influence in my life. I can't help but be grateful to God to have placed them in my live. They are as follow:

(1) Rev. Napper: Rev. Napper is the first pastor that I can remember. He and his wife were such pleasant people, and to date, I can still remember their smiles. When I was a little girl I always associated Rev. Napper with Jesus because of his kindness and joviality. He made it a pleasure to come to church for a little one.

(2) Rev. Luther Mc Nair: Rev. McNair will always remain in my heart as one of my special pastors. He was a learned man and educated me on AME Church doctrine. Under his pastorate I developed a love the AME Church. His wife, Mother Ethel McNair, continues to be one of my favorite people. She's travelled extensively and continues to do a great work through the Women's Missioniary Society. She is truly an extraordinary woman who has mentored many.

(3) Rev. Juanita Walters: The current pastor of Arnett AME Church in Philadelphia. Watching Rev. Walters is like watching a hurricane. She is a powerful preacher and prayer warrior. I appreciate her fearlessness and her relentless belief in God. Rev. Walters can sing too!

(4) Rev. Jean Jones: Pastor of Eklesia AME in Philadelphia. Rev. Jones has such a sweet, sweet spirit. She is a wonderful pastor who always goes above and beyond the call. God bless her and her wonderful congregation as well.

(5) Rev. Carolyn Lang: Pastor of Mt. Tabor AME Church in Philadelphia. For those who know her, you have to love her. Years ago my mother said Rev. Lang's church was like a lighthouse on a hill, and it is. She has a mighty ministry. I thank God for her and her husband Brother E. Larry Lang, her associate pastor Rev. Mary Moore, and her husband, Brother Moore. All of them are wonderful people and old school prayer warriors. They have a wonderful education ministry of CWICTI, the City Wide Interdenominational Christian Training Instiute. F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C!!!!

(6) Dr. Renita Weems: I was able to hear Rev. Weems speak many years ago at an AME church in Wilmington, DE. She preached "Beating Back the Buzzards." I never forgot that sermon. It has and always will stick with me as that sermon inspired a terminally ill friend of mine to do spectacular works prior to her death.

(7) Rev. Smallwood: When I was a young YPDer, Rev. Smallwood was the pastor all YPDers wanted. I have never seen anyone remain so calm with screaming teens and children running around in every direction. He always smiled and greeted us with such warmth. He is currently retired and serves as an associate pastor at Mother Bethel. You will never hear the decalogue as it should be read until you hear Rev. Smallwood deliver it. In addition, he is another prayer warrior with such beautiful sincere prayers. I believe he has the soul of a poet.

(8) Rev. Jeffrey N. Leath, D. Min.: I cannot say enough wonderful things about Rev. Leath. Rev. Leath is a preacher, pastor and teacher if I have ever seen one. I've heard other pastors remark that he is truly called by God. Pastoring the mother church is not easy, but Rev. has found a way to look after his congregation as the Great Shepherd would do. He and his wife, Dr. Susan Leath, have such kind and caring spirits and the Bethel family loves them. His eldest child, Jennifer, graduated magna cum laude from Harvard last spring and they have two other beautiful, gifted and talented children as well. This is a Godly family and I pray all of the Master's blessings to each and everyone of them.

-- Anonymous, November 14, 2003

Unfortunately, we hear more about the Pastors that have gone astray than those that continue to do God's will. While we prepare ourselves for General Conference in the summer, let us go up to our pastors and commend them on a job well done. Being a pastor is an arduous task to do; it takes a person dedicated and God-fearing to do this task. I will pray for the understanding and help for those that have gone off the path, while continuing to pray for those still doing God's Will, God's Way.

"Wait on the Lord, be of Good Courage and he shall strengthen thine hear; Wait, I say, On the Lord." Psalms 27:14


-- Anonymous, November 14, 2003

Thank you all so much for the ministries and pastor's that you have lifted up so far. It is so encouraging! I would like to lift up laity in our denomination who have powerful ministries and support, teach and guide. Robert T. Matthews III PR Director 6th district Lay organization, Robert travels across the state of Georgia, speaking and giving workshops to empower and encourage laity. Barbara A. Robinson, President Michigan Conference Lay Organization, Tom Sutton fifth district president Lay organization.

I hope we will continue to add to this list with pastors, laity who are doing great work for the lord.

-- Anonymous, November 14, 2003

Rev. Anthony Vinson, pastor of Bethel AME Church, Chicago is doing an excellent job at Bethel. He also has the additional task as Director of the 4th District Mass Choir/Chicago Conference Youth and Adult Choirs, of which he is doing a phenomenal job!

-- Anonymous, November 15, 2003

Thank you Dear Rev. Rogers for your vote of confidence. I am just so very happy as I attempt to do the Lord's work.

I must offer up the name of Mary Banks-Wright, President of the 4th District Lay Organization and former President of the Michigan Conference Lay Organization. She is one outstanding and hard-working woman. She is a great teacher.

Aside from her 4th District Presidency, she is also a member of the General Board.

She is my mentor and I appreciate her for her patience, her love for our A.M.E. Church and her trust in God to work according to His time and not hours.

She is greatly appreciated by all who know her.

-- Anonymous, November 15, 2003

That should have read, "in His time, not ours." Sorry!

-- Anonymous, November 15, 2003

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