What important things were happening in our country during Poe's life?

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What important things were happeni9ng in our country during poe's life? Who were important people in Poe's life, and what was their relationship to him? What was the controversy over Poe's death? What was Poe's education like? What adjectives would describe his life and poetry? Please provide interesting facts about him.

-- Anonymous, November 13, 2003


Check the timeline in regards to expansion of the young nation, the period between the Revolution and the Civil War, The Mexican War, Lewis and Clark, and discoveries and progress, but especially what concerned Poe- the American literary scene, especially Boston and NYC. Most of your questions demand an extensive biography. The controversy over Poe's death being simply the open question as to what happened when he went msissing and turned up deathly ill to die shortly thereafter- and what was the cause of death. Try www.eapoe.org. or knowingpoe/thinkport.com.

Poe's education in brief was that of a middle class gentleman, rooted in European curriculum, classical languages, a boarding school in England, unfinished college schooling, dropping out of West Point, a brief makeup service in the military, self-education from any source available, including the books he was given to review. Music, art, poetry, math and science.

-- Anonymous, November 13, 2003

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