17th "Crisis" deepens

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In the recent past, I circulated a copy of the developments in the 17th Episcopal District on request from forum members and entitled it “ CRISIS IN THE 17TH “.

On Friday the 14th of November 2003, the leadership of the church will appear in the Magistrate Court of Zambia in Lusaka for a “contempt of court”case. This was after the Seventy One (71) leadership and membership of the “Interim Committee” were expelled from the AME Church.This happened after my first circulation had reached some of you. Once again, I will keep forum members posted on the outcome of the court proceedings upon request.

I appeal to you for intercessory prayers for the AMEC in Zambia.Also, pray that the Lord strengthens me as I keep you all informed. I have been called all sorts of names for circulating information outside of the 17th Episcopal District. I am however persuaded that members of the 17th as well as AME’ s at global level are entitled to knowing what is going on in other districts. This is a new dispensation and I do understand that different opinions will be made as people exercise their right and freedom of expression. God bless AMEC.

-- Anonymous, November 13, 2003


Parson Mwandu -

As Jehovah instructed Joshua prior to entering Canaan, so I insturct you, "Be Strong and of Good Courage". You are doing an important work! QED

-- Anonymous, November 14, 2003

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