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At work recently the lead and me (i'm an material handler) had a run in that was started by her. She said some things behind my back. Well she went and told her side of the story to the manager and supervisor. At the end of my shift I got called into the office and got written up. Not for the fight but for a company violation. As follow" Several of Nicholle's co'workers have approached mgmt W/concerns about her conversations in textiles. Topics such as race and religion are not appropriate when offending to others . In employee handbook, Everyone has been asked to be considerate of those working around them. To resolve this she wrote Nicholle is being asked to avoid offensive subjects and to monitor her speech while working. Violation may result in discipline." I refused to sign this because these concerns have never been addressed to me and are untrue. The handbook says that any thing said to be offensive to someone due to race and religion is suppose to be investigated.They didn't say specific things that had been said. Nor dates. She said such things as religion , race, and politics should not be discussed in the workplace. There are four other people that work in that area not of them got asked if I made offensive statement. What should I do about this allegation that is untrue. I don't want this in my personnel file. This is in Texas. I'm a african american I don't know if that has any bearings on this but just wanted that said.

-- Nicholle diggs (, November 12, 2003

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