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ok, Me and some friends have a plan of building an amphibious pick up truck but aren't sure how to go about it. we're wondering should we start with a regular pick up and convert it or, get a pick up chassis and put on a whole new sealed body and snorkel the engine add some floting devices and call it good? what do we do?

-- Tom Munson (, November 12, 2003


I have a few designs for amphibious trucks, which I hope someday to commercialize. I was doing a search to see if there was anyone new the amphibious world when I ran across your query.

The first question I have is what will you be using the vehicle for? If you expect the truck once waterborne to develop any speed you will need to get the tires clear of the water. Either retractable suspension can be done or you can have sponsons like a catamaran that can lift the entire vehicle clear of the water.

If you plan to opperate in very shallow water I would suggest a jet drive or a surface piercing drive like an Arneson Drive. The easiest way to get waterborne propulsion is to have a separate engine dedicated to only water use. This is of course causes more weight, but is less complex.

If you intend on making the vehicle street legal I would start with a pick up truck, if it does not need to be street legal, it will be more simple to build it like a dune buggy with a tubular chassis.

I would be happy to assist in answering any questions you may have concerning your wish. Good luck.

Regards, Ron Costa

-- Ron Costa (, December 30, 2003.

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