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how do i make vcd's? what program do i need to make it and also it is a BIN file

-- hubert yang (, November 11, 2003

Answers has guides on how to make VCDs. A BIN file is a CD-ROM image format, but it is not a requirement to produce one in order to make a VCD. Some burning programs, such as Nero ( can burn BIN files (look at the Burn Image option) or can make VCDs directly without the need of a BIN file.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), November 13, 2003.

try using Alcohol 120% much eaiser then Nero vcdeasy will convert mpeg to bin/cue files and mainconcept mpeg encoder converts avi to mpeg1 and mpeg2 i use all three and have no problems getting excellent quality vcd's

-- lk (, January 02, 2004.

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