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I really need this the answer to this question for my research paper. I hope to receive a very helpful reply. Thanks!


-- Anonymous, November 11, 2003


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-- Anonymous, November 11, 2003

Sonnet "To Science" the story "A Man of the Crowd" at It seems that Poe as an enthusiast of new discoveries was less eager to see the loss of beauty and fancy close to home in the depredations of city life. You don't get the dark urban poetry of Baudelaire however, but far off settings, nature,sea voyages, isolated mansions and restricted points of view. His article on "Anastatic Printing" a precursor of the idea of photocopying, even Internet style creativity, shows Poe very open to revolutionary processess, the issue of copyright and author liberation to present quality in its original forms to the masses. This liberating, progressive attitude in Poe's specific expertise with literature and printing(where once he held down a printer's job)I think delineates Poe's real relationship with his industrial age.

-- Anonymous, November 12, 2003

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