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I had my right hip totally replaced with a titanium joint 5 months ago. I'm scheduled for the left hip in less than 2 weeks. When I asked my surgeon about ceramic implants, he asked if I wanted a ceramic hip for the left side. If I don't tell him yes, he will implant another titanium joint, but from a difference maker - ?? . I don't think I have enough information to make the decision. Can you help ?

thanks, Norma

-- Norma Daves (AusumAllie@aol.com), November 10, 2003


HI Norma,

The hip prosthesis that you just had inserted 5 months ago would have a titanium stem but the femoral head component would be either metal or ceramic. The new hip prosthesis that is being offered to you would have a ceramic femoral head component but the acetabular liner could be plastic, metal or ceramic. You need to clarify this with your surgeon before making a decision. By the way, why is he not using the same type of prosthesis you just had inserted, so that you have a matched set??

-- christina delottinville (seamoregirl@hotmail.com), November 17, 2003.

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