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Have you ever noticed how many *good* ideas are shamelessly ripped off every single second?!

In any case I posted 'An Open Proposal to Strange Animators' a little while ago and the only response I got was from this dumb-ass who wanted to use the idea for a political metaphor (not how it was intended at all) and then got really frustrated when I told him it was my idea to begin with and he couldn't use it like that. Then he essentially accused me of being fascist and said it wasn't my idea.

How can I remove the above-mentioned post to keep this from happening again?

-- Ashly Kehl (, November 10, 2003


Ashly, unfortunately the only way I can think of is witchcraft. Even the great Peter Chung has suffered at the hands of the mentally challenged poster boys and girls that come here on off occasions. Take heart, silent readers of this forum are among the most intelligent the net has to offer. They probably recognized your angst before the ink was dry on the return volley.

-- Barb e. (, November 10, 2003.

You know, you're right. But I still wanna take this plot summary off the list!

I will just move to Canada in a year or so and find animators there.

Unless of course you know somebody . . .

-- Ashly Kehl (, November 10, 2003.

May I suggest a link?

This isn't the weirdest thing I've ever seen but it's interesting.

-- Ashly Kehl (, November 11, 2003.

I sure lament being my enquire such a problem, the collaboration and experimentation inquire such a disturb. I did not intended the fascism accusation (could I? could the interpretation be responsibility of the writer?), I thought of Derrida and Searle discussion that focused later in copyright logical problems in "Limited Inc.". - a text that also asks if the writer's intention is really somewhere, does his intention exists in anyway (and if the intention can permanently be carried on the text) and if there is something to call an author. Which puts me in the same question again; could I claim the meaning of a text I wrote? of this text now? here? I could claim the exact words and order to be backed by proper juridical means, but how could I possibly ask for rights over other people's interpretations? I should put it clear then that it was not a fascism accusation and that it cannot be used otherwise doesn't matter what can possibly be read in it (that I did not intended it to be such and such) - but does this makes sense?

So I state that I would like to prohibit any use of the alleged accusation text that is not what I intended. It was wrote for a non-accusative purpose, it cannot be used otherwise.

-- Eduardo (, November 12, 2003.

As far as people stealing your idea...

It's legal. Live with it. You can't copyright an idea.

What you own is the execution of the idea. That's what makes you unique. That's what you can sell.

Unfortunately ideas get stolen all the time. You shouldn't let it slow you down.

Look at Aeon. Peter Chung laid the ground work for Tomb Raider, Dark Angel, Alias, blah, blah, blah, even the remake of Charlie's Angels.

Aeon is still unique. And anyone who's never heard of her can get her appeal, (that's the idea).

Like Cate Archer, (she could have been great, but she isn't).

Not that having a sexy girl shoot people is a particularly tough sell, but he did it different than anyone one else ever has.

Come up with a great idea, then execute it well and you will never have anything to worry about.

good luck

-- ashley fox (, November 14, 2003.

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