what was the O'Farrell Theatre prior to Mitchell Bros ??

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I have tried to research the net to answer this question with no luck: What was the O'Farrell Theatre previous to the Mitchell Bros taking it over in 1969 ( how appropiate )


-- mike dempsey (mikede1087@aol.com), November 10, 2003


I'm not sure if I can't remember or if I've never known. I think the building hadn't been used for some time before Art and Jim began renting it. I'll ask a family member and get back to you. Jasmine (Art's daughter)

-- Jasmine Mitchell (jasmine@artiefund.com), December 05, 2003.

I asked my brother, Aaron Mitchell, what the building had been used for before it became the theatre. He remembers our father Artie telling him that the theatre had been used as a storage building. The fact that the building was used for nothing is probably the reason you've had trouble finding information about its history. If you need more information visit www.artiefund.com.

-- Jasmine Mitchell (jasmine@artiefund.com), December 16, 2003.

Jasmine - i have tried to thank you for your responses to my query re. the Mitchell Bros O'Farrell Theatre but my e-mails keep returning undeliverable.

Thanks and Best of the Holidays !!!

-- mike dempsey (mikede1087@aol.com), December 16, 2003.

It was a pontiac dealership.

-- Dude (dude@dude.com), May 21, 2004.

no the car dealership was on van ness and ofarrell. the theater is on polk and ofarrell

-- (therealjoemoma@yahoo.com), March 11, 2005.

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