I need names and dates of the places Poe lived during his lifetime - THANX

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I'm doing this report on Poe and I have to have all the names and dates of all the places Poe lived during hi lifetime. I thought this would be easy ... you know, get on the internet, surf some sites, and BAM there it would be, but i've found nothing of the sort! this is what I have so far:

Boston Richmond, Virginia England New York City Charlottesville, Virginia Baltimore Philadelphia Fordham, New York

The only problem is i don't have dates or even know if he lived in these places at all! If you could double check my work and see if you know of any dates that would great! thanks you soooo much!

Ace Bear

-- Anonymous, November 09, 2003


Several homes have been preserved as historical although Poe not only moved around but often stayed at friends' homes. Starting with www.eapoe.org which lists some historical residences especially the Poe Museum in Baltimore don't forget his childhood, his schooling and travels in Britain, ignoring his supposed trips to France and Russia(his brother?) decide on keeping to his several fixed residences in the great population and cultural centers of America. Boston, NYC, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Richmond. Try Precisely Poe at poedecoder.com for images of museum homes.

-- Anonymous, November 12, 2003

Homes Boston, Massachusetts (1809, 1827) Richmond, Virginia (c.1811-1815, 1820-1825, 1826-1827, 1835-1837, 1849) England and Scotland (1815-1820) Charlottesville, Virginia (1826) Sullivan's Island, South Carolina (1827) West Point, New York (1830-1831) New York, New York (1831, 1837-c.1838, 1844-1846) Baltimore, Maryland (1829-1830, 1831-1835) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (1838-1844) Fordham, New York (1846-1849)

-- Anonymous, November 13, 2003

From the EA Poe society web page Last Update: March 22, 1998 Navigation: Main Menu Poe Info. Menu Where Poe Lived, Worked and Visited (This page is under construction.) It is virtually impossible to compile a complete list of places where Poe lived, worked and visited. From his birth in 1809 until the death of his mother in December of 1811, Poe lived with his parents, who were actors. Traveling up and down the east coast, David and Eliza Poe were prevented by the demands of their profession from staying anywhere long enough to put down roots.

Where Poe Lived: (in chronological sequence) Northeast corner of Main and Thirteenth Streets (Richmond, Virginia. January 1812 - June 22, 1815) (xxK JPG file, grayscale) xxxx (Irvine, Scotland. 1815) (xxK JPG file, grayscale) 146 Sloane Street (Chelsea, London, England. 1816 - 1817) (xxK JPG file, grayscale) Manor School (Stoke Newington, England. 1818 - 1819) (xxK JPG file, grayscale) With the Ellis Family (Richmond, Virginia. August, 1820 - about ???) (xxK JPG file, grayscale) Fifth and K (later Leigh) Streets (Richmond, Virginia. xxxx - about May 1822) (xxK JPG file, grayscale) Fourteenth Street and Tobacco Alley (Richmond, Virginia. About May, 1822- Summer 1825) (xxK JPG file, grayscale) Moldavia (Richmond, Virginia. Summer 1825 - March, 1827, with some time at the U. of VA.) (xxK JPG file, grayscale) University of Virginia (Charlottesville, Virginia. February 14, 1826 - late December, 1826) (xxK JPG file, grayscale) Court-House Tavern (Richmond, Virginia. late March, 1827, probably just a few days) (xxK JPG file, grayscale) Uncertain address (Baltimore, Maryland. April, 1827 - May, 1827) (xxK JPG file, grayscale) Uncertain address (Boston. About May 1827) (xxK JPG file, grayscale) Fort Independence (Boston Harbor. May 26, 1827 - October 31, 1827) (xxK JPG file, grayscale) Fort Moultrie (Charleston, Sourth Carolina. November, 1827 - December, 1828) (xxK JPG file, grayscale) Fort Monroe (Sullivan's Island, South Carolina. December 15, 1828 - April 15, 1829) (xxK JPG file, grayscale) 29 Caroline Street (Later renumberd as 28. Baltimore, Maryland. About May, 1829 - June, 1829) Beltzhoover's Hotel (Baltimore, Maryland. About June, 1829 - uncertain, perhaps June, 1830) West Point (New York. June, 1830 - February 19, 1831) (xxK JPG file, grayscale) Unknown (New York. February 19, 1831 - May, 1831) Mechanics Row, Wilks Street (Baltimore, Maryland. May 1831 - early 1833) 3 Amity Street (Now renumbered as 203. Baltimore, Maryland. Early 1833 - August 1835) (xxK JPG file, grayscale) 113 1/2 Carmine Street (New York. May 1837 - early 1838) (xxK JPG file, grayscale) 202 Mulberry (or Arch) Street (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Early 1838 - about September 1838) (xxK JPG file, grayscale) Sixteenth Street (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. About September 1838 - about May 1842) (xxK JPG file, grayscale) Uncertain address (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. About May 1842 - about September, 1842) Coates Street (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. About September, 1842 - about April, 1843) (xxK JPG file, grayscale) 234 (now 530) North Seventh Street (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. About April 1843 - April 6, 1844) (xxK JPG file, grayscale) 130 Greenwich Street (New York. April 6, 1844 - about June, 1844) (xxK JPG file, grayscale) Brennan Farm (Upper Manhattan, New York. About June 1844 - about Jan. 1845) (xxK JPG file, grayscale) 154 Greenwich Street or 15 Amity Street (New York.City, New York. Late January or early February - about May 1845) (xxK JPG file, grayscale) 195 East Broadway (New York. About May 1845 - about Oct. 1845) (xxK JPG file, grayscale) 85 Amity Street (New York City, New York. About September 1845 - about March 1846) (xxK JPG file, grayscale) The Fordham Cottage (New York City, New York. About May 1846 - Oct. 1849) (xxK JPG file, grayscale) Where Poe Worked: The Southern Literary Messenger (Richmond, Virginia) (xxK JPG file, grayscale) The Broadway Journal (New York) (xxK JPG file, grayscale) The New York Mirror (New York) (xxK JPG file, grayscale) Where Poe Visited: Monumental Church (Richmond, Virginia) (xxK JPG file, grayscale) St. John's Church (Richmond, Virginia) (xxK JPG file, grayscale) Swan's Tavern (Richmond, Virginia) (xxK JPG file, grayscale) ~~~ End of Text ~~~

-- Anonymous, November 20, 2003

I need to the population in chelsea in 1800's? Ӳ

-- Anonymous, February 01, 2004

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