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hey, i have a 5 hp engine on the back of my go cart, that i built myself, and i was wondering if it was posable that i could get a manual transmission on the back of it. email me asap

-- Eric (, November 09, 2003



-- SIMON ERES (SIMON59@YAHOO.COM), January 02, 2004.

sure u cood dude, off a dirtbike or somthing man.

-- Jon (, February 28, 2004.

your a dick u dont know what u r talking about!!!!u can whinner

-- peter peinalto (, May 15, 2004.

You could get a transmission off of a craftsman turtle. LIke maybe a 7hp mower. i was gonna do the same thing but i just never got around to it. You would just have to change the pully on the trans. to a sproket or change your go-kart to pully driven. but the only thing is that is wont got as fast cause the transmission is noly aloud to go but o fast.i'll write back later and tell you what kind off trans it is and send you some pics.

-- josh bryant (, October 26, 2004.

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