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I am a 41 year old physical therapist who was diagnosed with ON of my lunate 5 years ago. For the past six months I have had tendonitis in both of my feet. The MRIs show significant tendonitis in the flexon hallux longus and brevis bilaterally, as well as some involvement of my peroneals and post tib. The typical treatments have not been successful (rest, modalities, antiinflammatories, orthotics). My bone scan report stated no bony involvement, but when my orthopedist reviewed the scan he stated there was some increased uptake in my right subtalar joint. (I read on the ON link that early ON may not show on a bone scan.) While my doctors state they are not sure what is causing this atypical tendonitis, they do not take me seriously when I ask about ON. When people have ON of the talus, how does it usually present? Is it possible that, in this small medical community the MRIs were not accurately interpreted? Or, do I just have recalcitrant tendonitis? Any comments or advice would be appreciated. I have been in and out of a wheelchair for four months. Please help. Sincerely, Barbara MCCamish

-- Barbara McCamish (, November 07, 2003


Not really an answer, but a comment. I have the same situation. I have recently been told that the hand pain I've got is probably ON of my lunate, and I have had the same tendonitis problem with no effective therapy. I have not convinced my physician that the problem with the tendonitis is significant, but following through with the orthopedic specialist, I will pursure the course that it could be from the same condition. I am still wating on my MRI results from the lunate. Good luck finding an answer!

-- Elizabeth Mitchell (, December 10, 2003.

Dear Barbara: I also sufur from bilateral foot pain. It has been a little over two years. The only thing I can come up with is a hormonal cause. I had simillur symptoms when I was pregnent with my children. Currently I feel my hormons are out of balance due to perimenapause. I went to a pediotrist and he was not much help, but I did get orthotics and I can't say they help. I'm in the proses of getting refered to a orthopod whom specializes in feet. My symptoms are constent and tend to increase after a lot of standing/walking. Good luck, Bonnie Pirro

-- Bonnie Pirro (, February 28, 2005.

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