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I have sucksesfull supercharged 4 small enignes and was wondering what other people have used for a turbine? I put my latest engine on a dyno and i stock 5hp briggs went up to 7.3 hp

-- Tyler Law (, November 06, 2003


Well, i custom wielded a supercharger from a honda civic from the flywheel crank to the supercharger, then made a custom intake from the charger to the carb opening. With a Naturally Aspired tecumsea OHV engine i built i got 13.5 out of a 5hp, and with a blower, got 17. they say u get 50% more power, but i havent had much luck on that.

-- Aaron Samuelson (, November 27, 2003.

lol thats cool

-- steven karkenny (, April 21, 2004.

that rocks man u r years ahead of me in small engines i gunna try it thx man

-- jolly rodger (, November 16, 2004.

Open up a vaccum motor and run the belt from a pulley on the engine axle using the bolt that holds on the clutch to the axle of the vaccum motor(making sure that the motor is running off the engine in the opposite direction than it used to). There is an impeller attached to the axle of the vaccum motor and you then attach the vaccum tubing from the output of the impeller to the intake. now you have a variable speed supercharger that's speed depends on that of the engine. The bad thing is that you cant really use an air filter unless you put it between the motor and intake. The other cool thing is that the motor acts as a generator and power can be wired from the power cord to lights, ect.

-- robbie (, February 05, 2005.

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